How to become a Babysitter

Please read though the 5 steps on this page.

Step 2 - Interview

Once we have received your application form we will let you know whether you will be suitable for the services and request an interview. You will be asked to provide documents to confirm your identity, along with supporting documents to solidify your professional  qualifications.  At the interview you will also be asked to provide a recent employment reference or a referee. This information is reviewed, approved and signed off by the Rascal Remedy Recruitment Manager before each Babysitter profile is created and uploaded. You will also be given a set of instructions on how to set yourself up ready for bookings, see below.

Step 3 - Create your Profile

Once all checks are complete and we are happy for you to be listed on our website you will be e-mailed a personal Profile form, we will use this information to create your unique profile on the website that parents will be able to see and choose you to look after their children.

Step 4 - Set up your calendar for availability

Our booking system works so that parents/carers can book you online. For them to be able to see your availability you need to tell us the hours you can work (on your application form), and on your G-mail account calendar (this can be an account you already have or a new one just for Rascal Remedy, it is your personal choice).


This account will be synced to our booking system, and should you need to block time off because of a personal event/occasion that coincides with your set availability you will need to add it into the calendar. This means that the time will not be shown to the parent/carer therefore they cannot book you. Please see our Babysitters Terms & Conditions

Step 5 - Wait for your first booking!

You will be notified by e-mail when a parent/carer books with you. You will receive payment via your account no later than 24 hours after you have completed your service, if the booking is changed or cancelled the payment will be adjusted accordingly.


Please read through our Babysitters Terms & Conditions thoroughly so you are aware of how the service works. Any question or concerns about your booking please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you will enjoy working with Rascal Remedy, thank you for offering your services!

Step 1 - Application Form


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