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Whether you’re a parent/carer that needs some time to complete some chores, attend an event or even just have some simple quiet time for yourselves, our team of childcare professionals can remedy your restriction. You will need to pay a membership fee or a holiday administration fee before you will be granted access to the online booking system.


If the booking notice is less than eight hours then an additional fee will occur as it will be considered as short notice for the babysitter. An emergency booking is less than two hours booking notice, the customer should contact Rascal Remedy directly at or call 07470451494, it cannot be guaranteed that the booking will be confirmed. Simply check availability and the booking will follow.

To book/register please click on the buttons below and follow the 5 steps!

If a babysitter doesn't appear available for a date you require, please conatct us at to see if we can remedy this

Using a new babysitter is a daunting time. Will they remember everything? Will you remember to tell them everything? What if you child doesn’t like them? What are they really like?

We strive to remedy the reassurance for parents where their little Rascal’s are concerned, so here are some tips for leaving your child with a new babysitter.

  • Pre-plan and ease the transition. Why put off finding that babysitter till the time comes. Reduce some of those mixed anxious emotions by booking a two hour session where you can meet the childcarer and see for yourself how well they interact with your child. After say, half an hour pop out somewhere nearby so you can feel more in control.

  • Communication is key! Why not jot down a few points and interests you have as a basis of thinking about what things you might like to know about them. Informal chats are more relaxed, people open up and you can learn a lot from someones facial expressions when they are passionate about something. If your child witnesses you having a good relationship with this strange new person their apprehension will also reduce.

  • Leave info. Why feel embarrassed about being an anxious wreck. As well as showing them around, leave some information about routines, where things are, where you will be, likes, dislikes. Surveillance cameras! Then there's no need to forget anything that you naturally do as a parent. *See printable babysitter guide*

  • Reassure your Rascals. Talk to your child about the babysitter, show them a picture. Let it become an exciting experience, then it becomes a treat for them just as much as it is for you. There may well be tears, but these are fully vetted childcare practitioners who have experience in transforming tears into smiles. Wait till your child is engaged in something then make your goodbye short and sweet.


Relax! I know right, it’s easier said than done. You can plan, and plan and plan some more but ultimately they are not you, trust the Rascal Remedy team, trust you child and enjoy yourself. Everything will be ok!


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