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In a small Cornish town lived a family, Mum had been invited to a birthday party on Friday, but Dad had to work. The thought of searching for a babysitter was daunting and not to mention time consuming. How would they find someone that would be able to manage Finn’s obsession to put his hands in anything messy, just so he could wash them. Poppy’s over tired bedtime tantrum if she cannot have five stories before bed and Leo’s fussy appetite. They required someone who had patience, negotiation skills, plenty of energy and MORE.

The team at Rascal Remedy are fully vetted and hold childcare professional experience with children of various ages at a high standard

Madeline Murley

With a passion for children’s education I set up Rascal Remedy to provide families with the opportunity to discover friendly, reassuring childcare for their little rascals. I have been adventuring in the Early Years for ten years in Cornwall, Massachusetts, London and Dublin, learning more every step of the way. I wish to not only provide children and parents with high standard care but also offer tips and information about how to support children’s journeys.

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