Is your child being bullied or picked on?

April 15, 2018

Children of all ages suffer from stresses caused by peers. Here are some tips of how you could support your child through this tough time.

*If your child is coming home more than once a week upset from teasing. Don’t be hesitant, address it*


-Listen to your child, let them talk, they need to feel their being heard and that they matter. Wait for the whole story and try and find out the other side.

-Brainstorm together, ask your child what they think they should do, what would the outcome be, run through a few scenarios to build up their critical thinking.

-Support your child, in some cases your child might not feel comfortable talking to you. Is there anyone else they might prefer talking to. You may need to eat that humble pie to support your child.

-Take action at school, speak to their teacher, quite often kids are smart enough to not bully in-front of teachers, so make an appointment or call in, always address your concerns.

-Defuse the fear, remind your child that bullies are cowards and are simply seeking approval from peers themselves. They feel powerful when making someone else feel low.

*If a threat escalates from verbal to physical contact the police! if there’s a threat there’s a crime*

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